Unclaimed Property Holder Insurance Companies Report Instructions and Forms

Insurance Companies

Download this pdf file. Report Instructions and Forms

Download this pdf file. Holder Report Form UP-1 INS

Download this pdf file. Owner Detail Report Form UP-2 INS

Download this pdf file. Securities DTC Transfer Confirmation Form UP-3 INS

Unclaimed Property Reports for all Insurance Companies are due by May 1, 2020. Information pertaining to these reports is as follows:

Mail your report and remittance to:

Georgia Department of Revenue

Unclaimed Property Program

4125 Welcome All Road, Suite 701

Atlanta, Georgia 30349-1824

Reporting Period

The reporting period is for January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

Based on the type of property, this could cover property from one to fifteen years.

Example for Wages: One year abandonment period - so any unpaid wages from the calendar year 2017 would be reported for the 2018 filing.

Electronic Filing

All reports should be filed electronically, if possible. Files should be sent via CD.

Free Software at:  http://www.wagers.net/hrs/index.php - select download HRS Pro icon Reports with 25 or more properties are required to be submitted electronically

Zero Balance / Negative Reporting

Reporting is required for all companies, even if you have no balance to report. The holder report summary page must be submitted denoting zero properties and dollar Zero Balance Reports can be faxed to our office at fax number: 404.724.7013

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Do we need to submit the Securities Form UP-3S if we have no securities to report?

    No - if no securities are being reported, the Securities Form UP-3S does not need to be submitted.

  • We have nothing to report, do we still need to file?

    Yes - you need to file a report. See section above on Zero Balance / Negative Reporting.

  • How do we request an extension?

    Submit a request at least 30 days prior to due date. Email your request to ucp.reporting@dor.ga.gov.  Provide company FEIN#, reason for the extension, and estimated filing date.

  • Who should we call if we have any questions?

    Call our main number at 855-329-9863 - option 2 - with any questions you may have. Your call will be directed to the appropriate party who can answer your questions.