Private Collection Agencies

Debts are referred to private collection agencies when collection by the Georgia Department of Revenue is not cost effective.  Debts are not referred to the collection agency when the taxpayer has an active bankruptcy, the statute of limitations to enforce the collection of the debt has expired, or the taxpayer is deceased.

Your tax debt may be transferred to a private collection agency if you fail to timely pay the amount listed on your final assessment notice. To prevent your debt from being transferred to a collection agency, please contact the Department to review your payment options.

After your tax debt has been transferred to a collection agency, you must contact the collection agency to resolve your tax debt.  However, you can still contact the Department if you:

  • recently filed for bankruptcy
  • believe that the collection agency has contacted you in error
  • have a question about a state tax lien
  • need proof that a state tax lien has been satisfied
  • have concerns about collection agency practices
  • want to request confirmation of a full payment of your tax debt

The Georgia Department of Revenue uses two collection agencies to collect on behalf of the Department. They are:

Contact us if you have questions.