Two-factor Authentication is now Available for the Georgia Tax Center

May 31, 2016

You can now opt-in for two-factor authentication to provide more security for your Georgia Tax Center (GTC) web logon. 

If you choose to opt-in, navigate to your Profile in GTC by selecting the Profile tab, click the Update Profile link and enter your preferred two-factor authentication contact method.

If you choose not to opt-in, two-factors will be automatically applied to your web logon by the business type you selected when registering your business (e.g. LLC, Corporate or Fiduciary).  Once applied, you will be prompted to choose your preferred two-factor authentication contact method on your Profile.  See schedule below.

July 1

Corporations and Subchapter S Corp

August 1

LLC, Partnership, Estate and Fiduciary

September 1

Sole Proprietor and Individual

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is used to authenticate your device or browser to prevent unauthorized access.  After you first authenticate by entering the correct password, a second authentication is performed by, for example, entering a code that is texted to a cell phone number you have previously registered.

When will two-factor authentication be required?

You will only be prompted for a second authentication when you log in to GTC:

  • for the first time on a different computer, phone, or browser;
  • when you use your browser’s incognito or private browsing mode, or clear your cookie

Where can I get more information?

Two Factor Authentication – FAQs

How do I keep my GTC account secure?

  • Do not share your username or password – each user is required to have a separate login.
  • Tax professionals should be accessing your account through GTC’s 3rd party access protocol.  
  • Keep your phone number and email address current.