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December 2, 2015

Due to the constant threat of tax fraud, the Georgia Department of Revenue has made recent strides to help further protect taxpayers of the state. In addition to adding a new Fraud Manager component to our Integrated Tax System, the Department has partnered with multiple Georgia state agencies, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and other state Departments of Revenue on projects that will help make the filing of tax returns more secure.


Georgia Tax Center

In order to help combat tax fraud and to help educate the public on the numerous benefits of the Georgia Tax Center (GTC), we would like to provide the following links to the Georgia Tax Center homepage and short videos outlining ways to utilize GTC. Below are three short video links to the Georgia Tax Information page that you may find helpful:


  1.        How to sign up for online access – Individual Tax  


  1.        How to Opt-In to be notified if a return is filed with their SSN 


  1.        How to Request to Receive a 1099G electronically


GTC Homepage:

Fraud Manager

The Department of Revenue’s Fraud Management System (FMS) is a tool that helps detect fraud through different filters in our tax systems.  


Memorandum of Understanding

Between the IRS, State Departments of Revenue and, the

Tax Industry Electronic Return Transmission and related Financial Services Organizations

The purpose of this initiative is to protect the American taxpayer by combating identity theft tax refund fraud through enhanced communication and information sharing between and among the parties involved in the electronic transmission and processing of federal and state income tax return filings.


MorphoTrust eID Pilot

The Department of Revenue (DOR), Department of Driver Services (DDS), and the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) are participating in a pilot program financed by a federal grant to leverage technology and combat fraudulent income tax.  

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