Local Government Services Contact Information

Department of Revenue
Local Government Services Division
4125 Welcome All Road, Suite 701
Atlanta, Ga. 30349

Office Hours:  8:00 - 4:30

Digest Compliance

The Digest Compliance Section is a support agency for local tax officials for property tax purposes.  If you have a question regarding your property tax bill or property tax assessment you will need to contact your county tax officials.

Phone:  404-724-7000


The Distributions Section manages the local sales tax distributions to MARTA and the counties, cities and school systems in the state.

Phone:  404-724-7004

Public Utility

The Public Utility Section focuses on the valuation and assessment process associated with railroads, utilities and flight equipment companies as they relate to property tax administration.

Phone:  404-724-7008

Training Programs

The Department is required to instruct, operate, and administer courses of instruction to provide for the training of new appraisers and for the continuing education of experienced appraisers.

Phone:  404-724-7006

Unclaimed Property

This Unclaimed Property Program collects from holders any unclaimed property that has been abandoned by its owners, and serves as a custodian of the property until the rightful owners can be found and the property returned.

Phone:  855-329-9863