How to Apply for a Consumption on Premises License

  • Login to GTC with Username/ Password
  • Click on Register New Tax Account

Step 1:

  • Account Type - Select Alcohol (Sales/ Use Tax is required)
  • Account Start Date – Enter date for license to begin

Step 2:

  • Is this a new location? - Select No if business location has a Sales Tax #.  Select Yes if it is a new address (make sure to enter address as displayed on the local license)

Step 3:

  • License type – Select the license type (Consumption on Premises)
  • Licensee change - Complete this field ONLY if purchasing the business or changing licensee from existing active license at this location; otherwise, leave blank.
  • Pick up/ Mail License - Select option. (Pick up is at the Century Center location)
  • Have you ever been arrested?  Select Yes or No. [If yes, you must list charge(s) and disposition(s). If available, scan and attach disposition document to online registration]
  • Local License Type – Enter City or County
  • Local License Type Location - Name of City or County where license was issued
  • Are you a REAP? Yes or No
  • Is this account an Airline or Railway Carrier? Yes or No
  • Type of Alcohol Sales - Select Beer, Wine, and Distilled Spirits or any combination. Distilled Spirits must be included in sales for this license.
  • Bond- Not required

Step 4:

  • Officers and Responsible Parties - New officers or registrations must enter information for each person with interest in the business. Information from previous registration will auto populate.
    • Choose the officer name providing the citizenship affidavit form. Check the box (Responsible for providing required Documentation)

Step 5:

  • Provide Licensee- Is this a new licensee? Select No if a licensee exists; otherwise, select Yes.

Step 6:

  • Payment Option – Select ACH Debit or Credit Card

    ACH Debit - Electronic Check drafted directly from bank account.
    Credit Card - (Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover) Payment Option will be available on the confirmation page, after submitting the application.

Step 7:

  •  Required Attachments- View the required attachments, the unchecked boxes are the required documents. Click OK

  • Attach the previously scanned & saved PDF documents

  •  Click Save, then Submit.  You will receive a confirmation number.