How to Apply for a Consumption on Premises License

Before You Begin

All required documentation must be scanned and saved as individual PDF files. You will upload them to the Georgia Tax Center during the application process.

  • Login to GTC with Username/ Password
  • Click on Register New Tax Account

Step 1:

  • Account Type - Select Alcohol (Sales/ Use Tax is required)
  • Account Start Date – Enter date for license to begin

Step 2:

  • Is this a new location? - Select No if business location has a Sales Tax #.  Select Yes if it is a new address (make sure to enter address as displayed on the local license)

Step 3:

  • License type – Select the license type (Consumption on Premises)
  • Licensee change - Complete this field ONLY if purchasing the business or changing licensee from existing active license at this location; otherwise, leave blank.
  • Pick up/ Mail License - Select option. (Pick up is at the Century Center location)
  • Have you ever been arrested?  Select Yes or No. [If yes, you must list charge(s) and disposition(s). If available, scan and attach disposition document to online registration]
  • Local License Type – Enter City or County
  • Local License Type Location - Name of City or County where license was issued
  • Are you a REAP? Yes or No
  • Is this account an Airline or Railway Carrier? Yes or No
  • Type of Alcohol Sales - Select Beer, Wine, and Distilled Spirits or any combination. Distilled Spirits must be included in sales for this license.
  • Bond- Not required

Step 4:

  • Officers and Responsible Parties - New officers or registrations must enter information for each person with interest in the business. Information from previous registration will auto populate.
    • Choose the officer name providing the citizenship affidavit form. Check the box (Responsible for providing required Documentation)

Step 5:

  • Provide Licensee- Is this a new licensee? Select No if a licensee exists; otherwise, select Yes.

Step 6:

  • Payment Option – Select ACH Debit or Credit Card

    ACH Debit - Electronic Check drafted directly from bank account.
    Credit Card - (Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover) Payment Option will be available on the confirmation page, after submitting the application.

Step 7:

  •  Required Attachments- View the required attachments, the unchecked boxes are the required documents. Click OK

  • Attach the previously scanned & saved PDF documents

  •  Click Save, then Submit.  You will receive a confirmation number.