Announcement for Salvage Vehicle Dealers under HB872

Announcement for requirements of metal recyclers, used motor vehicles and scrap metal processors

Application for Certificate of Release of Property from State Tax Execution (Form CD-14135)

Use this form to release a state tax lien from a specific piece of property.

Application for Certificate of Subordination of State Tax Execution (Form CD-14134)

Use this form when requesting the Georgia Department of Revenue to subordinate a state tax lien in favor of some other lien against real or personal property.

ATD-2017-01: Direct Sales by Brewers and Distillers Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin regarding Direct Sales on the Premises of a Licensed Brewery or Distillery.


Brand and Label Registration Form ATT-104


Distilled Spirits shipments to wholesalers report


Report of wine shipments into the state


Tax Exempt Wine Form