Documents: Policy Bulletin

MVD-2018-06 - Confirmation of Requirement for Dealers to Use Electronic Title and Registration (ETR)

Effective August 24, 2018, the Department of Revenue (DOR) is rescinding the prior bulletin providing motor vehicle dealers with certain waivers from using Electronic Title and Registration (ETR).

Policy Bulletin ADMIN-2018-01, Annual Notice of Interest Rate Adjustment.

This policy bulletin outlines the annual interest rate for 2018 regarding refunds and past due taxes in the State of Georgia.

Policy Bulletin MVD-2018-02: TAVT Rate Bulletin for 2019 Final Adjustment

As enacted in 2012, Georgia Code Section 48-5C-1 required the Department of Revenue (“Department”) in calendar years 2015, 2018, and 2022 respectively to determine if the TAVT rate will change for the calendar year following the year of the calculation.

Policy Bulletin: Discount Rate for Licensed Distributors

Policy Bulletin Discount Rate for Licensed Distributors

Policy Bulletin: Extended Quantity Discounts

Policy bulletin explaining the intention to allow licensed Retailers and Retail Consumption Dealers of Distilled Spirits.