Documents: Instructions

Tobacco Tax Import

Tobacco tax imports for the Georgia Tax Center.

Uploading G-1003, W2s and 1099

Learn how to upload G-1003, W2's and 1099's to the Georgia Tax Center for the Georgia Department of Revenue. 

Validating the Letter of Intent

The following documentation provides information on validating your Letter of Intent via the Georgia Tax Center.

Voluntary Disclosure Application

This form is used Use this application form to submit a voluntary disclosure agreement

Where's My Refund (Instructional Guide)

This instructional document will explain how to find your refund status on the Georgia Tax Center.

Wine Auction Import

Tax template for wine auction imports.

Wine Carrier Import

Tax template for wine carrier imports.

Wine Manufacturer Report

This tax template is for wine manufacturer reports.

Wine Special Order Shipping Import

Tax template for wine special order shipping imports.

Wine Wholesaler Import

This tax template is for wine wholesaler imports.