Changes to GTC Credit Card Payment Process – FAQs

Changes to GTC credit card payment process begin February 10, 2024. The Georgia Tax Center (GTC) will use a different vendor for online credit card payments. For most, this will not require any action. However, you may notice that payment screens and steps differ from the last time you made an online credit card payment.

Note:  GTC System Maintenance will occur on February 10 from 8 am – 8pm.  Filing and payments will be unavailable during this time. 

What do I need to do?

If you have future credit card payments scheduled with ACI Payments for dates after February 9, 2024, those payments will be canceled. You will need to make those payments in GTC on the desired date.

Can I make a credit card payment without a GTC account?

Yes.  If you receive a Statement of Account letter with a payment number, you can make a credit card payment without logging into a GTC account. Follow these helpful instructions on making a quick payment using GTC.

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