Alcohol Manufacturers (In-State)


Brokers buy or get alcoholic beverages from an importer, distillery, brewery, or winery to sell to another broker, importer, or wholesaler. Never having the alcoholic beverage (or maintaining a stock).

Breweries make, produce and bottle alcoholic malt beverages.

A Distillery engages in distilling, rectifying and blending distilled spirits. Distilled Spirit is any alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation or containing more than 21% alcohol by volume, including but not limited to all fortified wines.

Farm Winery
A Farm Winery uses local produce to make at least 40% of its annual production. A Farm Winery is a winery with at least 40% of its annual production from agricultural produce grown in the state where the winery is located.  Uses a large part of its premises for agricultural purposes; including, the cultivation of grapes, berries or fruits utilized in the manufacture or production of wine by the winery.  Is owned and operated by persons who work in the production of a large part of the agricultural produce used in its annual production.

An Importer brings an alcoholic beverage into Georgia from a foreign country to sell to another importer, broker or wholesaler who keeps a stock.

Winery is any vintner, maker, producer or bottler of an alcoholic wine beverage.

Wine Special Order Shipping
Special Order Shipper is any shipper which is also a winery that is authorized to make direct shipments of wine to consumers in this state. A special order shipping license shall entitle the winery to ship wine upon order directly to consumers for personal or household use in this state without designating wholesalers. It is not a requirement for the winery to be licensed in the state in order to apply for a special order shipping license in the state. 

Non-Beverage Manufacturer/Importer
Non-Beverage Manufacturer/Importer means ethyl alcohol used; for scientific, chemical, mechanical, industrial, medicinal and culinary purposes; for use by those authorized to procure ethyl alcohol tax free, as provided by federal law; in the manufacture of denatured alcohol or denatured distilled spirits produced and used as provided by federal law; in the manufacture of patented, patent, proprietary, medicinal, pharmaceutical, antiseptic, toilet, scientific, chemical, mechanical and industrial preparations or products unfit for beverage purposes; or in the manufacture of flavoring extracts and syrups unfit for beverage purposes.

Non-Profit Museum Distillery