Special License Plates

You may apply for a specialized license plate at the Tax Commissioner's tag office in the county in Georgia where you live, at the time you register your vehicle or at the time you renew your vehicle's existing Georgia license plate. If the special license plate is in your county's inventory and you meet all the requirements for issuance, the license plate can be issued to you at that time. If the license plate is not in your county's inventory, a temporary operation permit can be issued for your use in operating your vehicle until the tag becomes available for issuance. 

You can view a list of available special license plates. From this list, click on the desired type of special license plate to view a sample of the license plate and the fees and requirements for obtaining. You must also meet all of the requirements of vehicle registration (i.e. Provide proof of Georgia liability insurance coverage, pay all registration fees and applicable ad valorem taxes, etc.) 

Specialized license plates can only be issued to private passenger vehicles that are owned by Georgia residents. 

Specialized license plates are not manufactured as souvenirs. To claim the tag, you must be a resident of this state and register your vehicle with the special license plate at the Tax Commissioner's Tag Office in the county in Georgia were you reside.

Special License Plate with my Name and/or Other Letters or Numbers

To request a special prestige license plate, submit the following to your county Tax Commissioner's Tag Offices.


Registration Fees

Manufacturing Fee (If not pre-paid): $35
Annual Tag Fee: $20
Annual Special Tag Fee: $35
Ad Valorem Tax: (if applicable) Varies
Late Renewal Penalties: (if applicable) Varies
Mailing Fee: (if applicable) $1

Special License Plate Commemorating an Association, Group, Institution or Organization

Any Georgia Association, Group, Institution or Organization interested in requesting the manufacture of special license plates (tags) commemorating their Association, Group, Institution or Organization should submit a ‘letter of intent’ to the Director’s Office of this Department’s Motor Vehicle Division. The signed letter containing all of the required information should be mailed to the following address: 

Attention: Director’s Office, Room 1114
Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 740381
Atlanta, GA 30374-0381 

Upon receipt of the ‘letter of intent,’ the Director’s Office will mail the required forms and detailed instructions. The Association, Group, Institution or Organization should not accept applications and manufacturing fees for these commemorative license plates until they have been approved to do so by this Department. 

Relinquishing the Ownership of a Special License Plate

Special License Plate "not" Requiring Special Qualifications

Owners of prestige, college, commemorative or other special license plates (tag), not requiring special qualifications to obtain, may relinquish the ownership of their tag to another person or persons by providing them with:

Important:  By signing the form and accepting the license plate and registration certificate, the new owner understands that any applicable registration fees and vehicle ad valorem taxes will be calculated based on his or her registration period and  not  the registration period of the previous owner of the license plate. The new owner of this special license plate should  not  place this license plate on their vehicle until it has been properly registered to him or her through his or her county Tax Commissioner's Tag Office.

Special License Plate Requiring Special Qualifications

Surviving spouses are entitled to apply for the following military license plates in his or her name through their county Tax Commissioner's Tag Office as long as they do not remarry.

  • Purple Heart Recipient 
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor 
  • Veterans or Retired Veterans of World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, or Operation Desert Storm
  • Veterans of the Chosin Reservoir Campaign of 1950 in North Korea

To do so, the surviving spouse must submit legible copies of the following documents to their county Tax Commissioner's Tag Office with any applicable registration forms, fees and vehicle ad valorem taxes due.

  • Veteran's death certificate
  • Registration certificate (tag receipt)
  • Marriage certificate

If you should need assistance, please contact your county Tax Commissioner's Tag Offices.