County Property Tax Facts

This section provides information on property taxation in the various counties in Georgia. Every effort has been made to include information based on the laws passed by the Georgia Assembly during the previous session. If you have questions about the information presented on these pages, you should contact your local tax officials for verification and clarification.

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The following topics below are discussed for each county.  For additional information on these topics you can view the Property Tax Guide.

  • Local Tax Officials
  • Property Tax Returns
  • Homestead Exemptions
  • Freeport Exemptions
  • Ad Valorem Tax Payments
  • Valuation Appeals
  • Ad Valorem Tax Refunds
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Mobile Home Taxation
  • Intangible Recording
  • Other Information

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Georgia Counties with Property Tax Services Online
This is a list of counties with property records online and a list of counties with pay property tax online services.

When and Where to Renew Your License Plate
Renew your vehicle's Georgia license plate at the Tax Commissioner's Tag Office in the county where you currently live during the owner's registration period. (This link is to the Motor Vehicle Division website.  Local Government Services does not control the content on this website.)

County Tax Officials Mailing List
This list has the names, addresses and phone numbers of the following county officials: Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, County Tax Commissioner, Chairman of the Board of Tax Assessors, Chief Appraiser, and Clerk of Superior Court. (A PDF document)

County Tax Rates in Each Taxing Jurisdiction
This report has the actual millage rates for each taxing jurisdiction (state, county incorporated, county unincorporated, school, city, and other special taxing districts).